I was born in 2008 in a different world. I am writing in rez Magazine for this world. So many changes in such a little time. I write about the change, monthly. The editor is Jami Mills.

Most projects are easy to start but what counts is endurance. Jami has this endurance. That’s why on the way to VR worlds I make a gift. Everyone joining her readers group “” in the world of Second Life gets a SUPER HAPPY GOOGLER’s headset, free to retexture it.

Readers in opensim get it at Hypergrid Hoppers … soon. I just have to recreate it. But what combines all words is that the Google Cardboard VR is real. It works with a smartphone, with iPhone, with Lenovo Daydream Mirage Solo.

Search for The-Faked-VR in Google PlayStore.